Kim Kaminske

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Make room for creativity in that beautiful brain of yours while I help keep your business on track.

Hey, I'm Kim!

I help business owners get back to doing what they love by freeing up their time and minds from the daily (but necessary) tasks that pull them away from their passion. With six years of PR experience, I understand the importance of creating a consistent brand and voice across your social media, email campaigns, web design, and more. While working in an industry as demanding as the music industry,  creating systems and automation became a crucial part of our success. Now, it has become a passion of mine!

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I’ll help you stay consistent with content and connect with your audience and ideal client.


Does your website need a facelift? Together we can create a website you are proud of that converts visitors into paying clients.


Start operating at a level of high efficiency and get more done in less time. Get your team moving in sync.