Kim Kaminske

about me

let's bring the balance back into your life

about me

let's bring balance back into your life

GRAMMY Award-winning
Publicist Turned
Online Business Manager

Shortly after completing a degree in Business Management, I quickly jumped ship, stuffed my Ford Focus to the gills, and drove from Boston to Nashville, TN where I knew all of my dreams of working in the music industry would come true. After spending over six years working in the music industry as a publicist, I knew I no longer had a passion for my work when my client won a GRAMMY and I still didn’t feel the sense of accomplishment I had been searching for. It took a lot of hard conversation with myself, soul searching and crying to realize it was time to break up with the industry and forge my own path.

While going through this soul-searching period of my life, I started teaching myself new skills, exploring interests, and leaning into the parts of my job that I really enjoyed – Creativity, strategic actions, and systematizing my (and my office’s) workflow. With my newfound inspiration to chase new opportunities, I started offering services to online business owners based on the things I loved to do. I knew I had so much to offer – I mean, I executed Grammy award-winning campaigns for goodness sake! So, I started Kaminske OBM Services as a side hustle while still working full time and now it IS my full-time.

Using the creative mind I developed while working in music, mixed with my extremely Type A personality, I now help others keep their business train on the tracks, allowing them the free brainpower to do the things they love in their business rather than getting bogged down with admin work. I’m kind of a jack of all trades (I always have been. I was on varsity cheer while playing the saxophone in marching band), whether you’re looking to create systems to make your life easier or show consistency with your social media platforms, I’m here for it!

get to know me a little better

boston native


I grew up just North of Boston and later went to college there. I moved to Nashville about 6 years ago but Boston will forever have my heart.

the music industry


Six years ago I dropped everything and moved to Nashville. I left everything I knew for a city I had never been to (and didn’t know a single soul in) to work in the music industry and until recently, that’s exactly what I did! We had some good times, but I knew it was time to move on.

fur babies


I am the proud mom of two fur babies. My cat Nala and this guy right here, Ghost! He loves wrestling with Dad (my fiancé) eating carrots and attempting to get his little sister Nala to play with him. So far he has been unsuccessful but that will never stop him!